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Huckleberry recipes run into the hundreds and much though I wish this site could share many of them with you, that is not practical. You can experiment with more familiar recipes (such as those which use blueberries, blackberries, and similar fruits) or you can try some of your own ideas.

If you don't cook but want to experiment with huckleberry flavors, try buying a jar of huckleberry preserves. You can create your own huckleberry recipes by adding a small dose of huckleberry preserves or huckleberries to almost anything that fruit complements. Although some of the huckleberry jams we have found in the stores retain some of the berry texture, you may find that the preserves work better. We have used huckleberry preserves in banana bread, yogurt, ice cream, and cereal. Just mix in one or two spoonfuls and you'll find your every day foods take on a whole new flavor and texture).

There are a few huckleberry pie recipes and we have looked at a couple of sources of huckleberry pie filling and as I write this we have a jar waiting to be tested. However, we also purchased some dried huckleberries and we may test the preserves with a multi-fruit crunch cake (I particularly like apple crunch cake but if you include partitions for cherries, blueberries, and 1 or 2 other fruits you will be amazed at the blend in flavors).

There is also at least one recipe for huckleberry ice cream. I have used creamed huckleberry honey as a topping for ice cream as well as a sauce for toast. You don't need much. And though huckleberry ice cream is a very special treat, you can add flavor to any vanilla ice cream by dribbling in some huckleberries or huckleberry preserves.

MarketSpice's huckleberry tea is delicious but I recommend adding a little sweetener to help strengthen the flavor.

Huckleberry Recipes
Huckleberry Haus Cookbook

by Reverend Stan Simonik, published 1997
The Reverend Simonik's book includes heart-warming stories about how he discovered huckleberries and some of the adventures he and his family enjoyed (or endured) on their many quests for hucklenberries. Neither bears nor other huckleberry hunters deterred this intrepid afficianado from his chosen path of discovering and harvesting some of the choicest huckleberries available in our national forests. We are testing his huckleberry recipes and look forward to enjoying many pleasurable meals.

Huckleberry Recipes
Huckleberry Delights Cookbook

by Karen Jean Matsko Hood, published 2006
Karen Jean Matsko Hood's book brings huckleberry research and huckleberry recipes up to date. We have not yet purchased this book but look forward to owning a copy.

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